Sunday, February 28, 2016

Increase Alexa Rank with these 4 Ultimate Magical Tricks - Get Instant Result!

Alexa is a buzz word when it comes to webmaster related topics,

When a newbie start a blog he or she wants to increase Alexa rank (actually the lower position in ranking is the better position, for example Google has an Alexa rank of #1) because it has significant value for the readers, visitors, advertisers, other bloggers and so on. Alexa rank can be called a quality measurement scale of a website or blog.

Definitely, you need to improve Alexa ranking position of your site so that people can easily trust your site and your contents. If you are highly busy person then you can buy Alexa toolbar traffic so that you can get the ranking juice from Alexa. Here goes the magical tricks to increase Alexa rank within very less period of time.

Alexa basically counts the traffic as direct traffic when it comes from a browser that has Alexa toolbar installed. Some says it grabs the information from Google analytical tool. However, this assumption is not correct. If you do a little bit research you can find out that blogs written on blogging, SEO and webmaster related topics are ranked very well in Alexa despite having low traffic comparing to other entertainment related sites. Therefore, you need to focus on getting targeted toolbar traffic to your sites.

Trick #1:
Install Alexa tool bar in your browser. This is how you can make your every visit direct from the view of Alexa tool. Download Alexa toolbar from here.

Trick #2:
Increasing Alexa rank will be a little bit easier if you claim your site by registering in Alexa. Just get an account, go to dashboard and add your site. You can start with the 7 days free trial account if you don't want to make any investment right now.

Trick #3:
Target the people who are more likely to use Alexa toolbar. Now how to do that? Basically bloggers, SEO experts, webmasters etc. people use Alexa toolbar. So you can simply write and publish articles targeting them. This is how you can get super targeted direct traffic to increase your Alexa rank fast.

Trick #4:
Get auto traffic from HeatLeap tool. It's a simple traffic tool that will provide you Alexa targeted traffic with toolbar. Thus, you can get increased Alexa rank in very short time.

Hope you enjoyed the article. It's time to work hard and increase your Alexa rank within world's top 100,000 sites. So, start the game right now.
Best of Luck!